When communication counts

Guy  studied mechanical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated number two in his class in electronics engineering at ITT Technical Institute. While designing in the fields of mechanical, electronics, and software engineering, he found he had a gift for technical documentation and other writing disciplines.

As a technical writer, Guy succesfully completed several complex, documentation challenges few writers would even attempt. At WAL-MART, he documented three in-house applications from nothing more than 10,000 lines of C source code. At Tivoli Systems he documented the industry’s first CORBA-compliant development environment. Later, Tivoli engineers used that same12-volume library to assist them in writing Tivoli applications.

As a copywriter, editor, and marketing professional, Guy has had equal success. At Tivoli Systems, Guy wrote their first collateral strategy and managed focus group efforts to test it.  Based on this strategy, he commissioned a collateral suite aimed at three distinct audiences for a portfolio of 100 products. He also  wrote the CXO brochures himself. Later, as Publications Manager, he transformed their company-focused newsletter into a serious business journal, which alerted executives to industry trends and helped them to get the most out of their technology dollars.

As a marketing consultant, Guy has significant experience with message development, brand implementation, and brand integration. At Tivoli Systems, Guy was a key member of the brand transition team after IBM’s acquisition of the company. The effort was 18 months in duration and was implemented in two phases. His contributions included sections of the Tivoli Brand Identity Guide, mission statements, and messaging for broad Tivoli offerings such as Security, Change, and Service Level management.

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