When communication counts

“I have worked with Guy for almost 3 years. During that time he has not only expertly managed a series of projects for me, he has provided me with the appropriate communications approach, language and often verbiage. He has always provided me with sound counsel and wisdom in my communications approaches and the needs of my market. I could not think of a better or more hardworking person to support you. I hope you will give him your strong consideration.”

Michele Lee Jacobs
Developer Relations
Sr. Marketing Manager


"Guy Oliver always delivers. Combined technical smarts with serious writing
talent, a creative and experienced approach to solving communications
problems, and a remarkable work ethic--that's Guy. I recommend him highly."

Jeff Abbott
National-bestselling, award-winning author


I was once responsible for Tivoli Corporate Identity and Design and first started working with Guy seven years ago. As writer, editor, collateral and publications manager, I have seen Guy tackle many complex projects. He is flexible and articulate with vernaculars of business, marketing, operations, technical, and development communities. Guy's ability in this area inspires common understanding, consensus and productivity. Also, he has always seen the world through the customer's and user's eye. He knows his audience. As a manager, Guy had the ability to identify and nurture talent and expertise most relevant to the business needs. His team benefited from Guys strengths and mentorship, all the while growing their expertise and professional abilities.”

Tamara Gunter
Software Branding and Naming
Integrated Marketing Communications, Worldwide
IBM Software Group


"I've known Guy for about 10 years, and have always been very pleased with his ability to take on a project with very little direction and see it through to the end. The technical documentation that he has produced is among of the best I’ve had experience with over the years. I highly recommend Guy for any technical writing project, he does a great job!"

Dave Malcolm
Vice President of Engineering


"During my tenure as CTO at Tivoli, I witnessed Guy assume responsibility for some of the most complex documentation projects at the company, and successfully complete them on time. I really admired the way he jumped in and took the bull by the horns. He's a very bright and a talented writer; I highly recommend him."

Tom Bishop
Chief Technology Officer


“I have worked with Guy in several different capacities over the past several years. He was terrific at project managing both the communications and collateral jobs, and easily moved from one to the other. Guy always kept things on task, so as to meet deadlines and commitments, and he was always willing to lend a hand to make others look successful.”

From a personal standpoint, Guy is a pleasure to work with--he is always willing to go the extra mile. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Pam Induni
Marketing Manager, developerWorks Toolbox subscription
Tel: 503-342-5530

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