When communication counts

Q: What do you charge?

A: Each job is quoted individually. Hourly and project rates are available, depending on whatís best for you. Rest assured that you will get a competitive rate for quality work.

Q: Can I see samples of your work?

A: Hardcopy samples are available upon request. Electronic versions are not yet available--but weíre working on it--so stay tuned.

Q: Are you more adept at copywriting or technical writing?

A: Guy is equally adept in both disciplines. Technical writing is a learned skill that requires clarity and precision. After eight years as a documentation specialist, Guy took those skills and applied them to help develop Tivoliís first outbound marketing strategy. He then went on to manage a wide variety of outbound marketing tactics such as collateral and Web content that were extremely effective. His engineering education and his experience with engineers enable him to clearly express the value of high-tech offerings to a high-tech audience.

Q: Weíre a small, start-up firm and we need technical documentation from scratch ASAP. Can you help?

A: Guy has a rich history of succesfully completing projects exactly like that.  Hardware or software--it doesnít matter. Guy can create a template and develop documentation to meet your needs based on interviews with subject matter experts, engineering drawings, or source code listings. Guy has ample experience to deliver clear, precise documentation in a minimal time using the most efficient process possible, regardless of your situation.

Q: You offer a consulting service.  Is that something I really need?

A: If youíre a small business just starting out, you probably havenít thought about an outbound marketing plan--but sooner or later youíll need one. Guy can  develop a strategy that will get you noticed and build your business. He can assist you by articulating your mission, developing your messaging, and providing an implemenation plan to weave your message into effective marketing tactics. Chances are, your business would benefit from a thoughtful analysis of your current marketing effort.

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