Tech Writing

When communication counts

Guy has more than eight years experience documenting complex electronic devices and software applications. His training and experience in engineering enables him to quickly understand the need, the assignment, and the details. He has significant experience developing conceptual manuals, user guides, sales enablement quick cards, data sheets and complex business processes.

What sets Guy apart from most other technical writers is his technical background. Many technical writers apply their craft from a background in journalism, which can provide valuable interview skills--a must in the discipline of technical writing. Those skills, however, can be learned on the job as a documentation specialist. By contrast, an understanding of the processes engineers use to design and develop applications cannot be learned in the practice of technical writing. That’s what gives Guy a decided advantage over many of his peers.

Guy can produce your documentation from any available source. Understanding engineering drawings, source code, and conducting interviews with subject matter experts are all well within Guy’s ability. He can meet your needs regardless of the condition of your documentation--whether you’re just getting started or you have entire libraries you need to update and maintain.

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